Online sports betting in the United States of America (limited beta)

We allow only the promotion of online sports betting in New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia as part of a limited beta. Access to the beta will be restricted to entities that are licensed by one or more of the following state regulatory bodies:

  • New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
  • Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • West Virginia Lottery

Advertisers must provide a copy of their state-issued license in their application to be eligible for the beta. Participants of the beta must not target users outside the state of New Jersey or users who are under 21. Participants must only promote online sports betting, and no other forms of online gambling including, but not limited to, online casino games and daily fantasy sports.

Advertisements must contain gambling assistance information and a warning against the dangers of addictive and compulsive gambling on the landing page or in the creative, which shall be in a font of at least the same size as the font used for the body of the web page.

Eligible advertisers can apply, by using this form.

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