Update to Political Content policy (February 2023)

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In February 2023, Google will update its political content policy to include a South Africa Election Ads policy. This will include the following changes:

South Africa Election Ads are ads that feature any of the following:

  • A national political party, current elected office holder or candidate for the National Assembly, the National Council of Provinces, President or Deputy President.

All advertisers wishing to run South Africa Election Ads must be verified by Google. Verification to run South Africa Election Ads will be available beginning in January 2023. To run South Africa Election Ads in South Africa, an advertiser must complete South Africa Election Ads verification. To run South Africa Election Ads outside of South Africa, an advertiser must complete Election Ads or Advertiser Identity verification for the region in which the advertiser is located.

South Africa Election Ads by verified advertisers must contain a ‘Paid for by’ disclosure identifying who has paid for the ad, and will be included in Google’s Political Advertising transparency report and political ads library.

(Posted December 2022)

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