Update to Political Content policy (August 2022)

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In August 2022, the Google Ads Political Content policy will be updated to clarify the disclosure requirements for election advertising using ad formats and features available across Google where the advertiser is responsible for including a “Paid for by” disclosure directly in the ad, as follows:   

For visual formats, the disclosure must be visible at all times and be of sufficient size to be visible to an average viewer. For audio-only formats, the disclosure must be substantially similar in pitch, tone and speed to the rest of the ad. 

Concurrent with this update, in August 2022, US Election Ads serving in the US will be eligible to run as Audio Ads on YouTube. Advertisers wishing to run US Election Ads must be verified by Google. To run US Election Ads in the US, an advertiser must complete US Election Ads verification.

(Posted July 2022)


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