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AMP ads

Create an AMP-compatible Matched content unit

You can create AMP-compatible Matched content units to show Matched content recommendations on your AMP pages. AMP Matched content units are responsive which means they automatically resize themselves for the device they're being viewed on and use the full width of the user's screen.


  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. Click Ad units.
  4. Select Matched content.
  5. Use the drop-down in the upper corner of the preview area to see which of your sites are eligible for Matched content. Learn more about eligible sites.
  6. Give your Matched content unit a name.
  7. In the "Style" section, change the style of your Matched content unit to match your site.
  8. In the "Size" section, choose an ad size that fits your layout.
    • We recommend using a responsive layout. A responsive layout is different based on the width of the container and the screen size (e.g., on mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.). You can see how your Matched content unit may change in different containers by using the drag handle in the preview area.
    • When using a custom size, we recommend choosing an ad size with a width:height ratio of around 2:1 for a horizontal layout, or 1:2 for a vertical layout. We don't recommend that you use traditional banner ad sizes like the 728x90 for Matched content. Note that neither the height nor the width of your custom-size can exceed 1200 pixels, and only one dimension can be greater than 600 pixels.
  9. In the "Ad options" section, leave Monetize with ads switched on unless you'd prefer not to show ads in your Matched content unit.
    Note: By using this feature you agree to let Google try out different ad types and optimize the number, format, and size of the ads in your Matched content unit. Learn more about showing ads in your Matched content unit.
  10. Click Save and get code.
  11. Click AMP.
  12. Copy and paste the AMP script between the <head></head> tags of your AMP page.

    This script loads the required amp-ad libraries. You can read more about the amp-ad component here:

  13. Copy and paste the AMP ad code in between the <body><body/> tags of your AMP pages where you want ads to appear. If you're not sure how to do this, you might want to review our code implementation guide.
  14. Click Done.

    It usually takes a few minutes for Matched content recommendations to appear on the page but occasionally it can take up to an hour.

Track the performance of your AMP Matched content unit

View the Content platform report to track the performance of your AMP Matched content units.

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