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Third-party ads

Display ads from qualified third party vendors

The Google Display Network accepts display ads from qualified third party vendors. Many large, top-brand advertisers use third parties to create and manage their display ad campaigns. These third-party ads may also be displayed on your site through Google certified ad networks.

By accepting ads from these third parties, we can help advertisers deliver more advertising on the Google Display Network. As a result, you can benefit from these high quality (and potentially higher-paying) ads. All reporting and payments continue to run through AdSense; , and you still receive your payments according to our monthly schedule.


Are certified ad networks or advertisers allowed to use impression data from my site for later ad targeting?

Certified ad networks and advertisers are not allowed to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent targeting. As a result, you gain the revenue benefit of the network or advertiser's audience data without having to offer them your own site data for subsequent targeting.

How does Google protect user privacy when working with third-party ads and certified ad networks?

In order to protect our users' privacy, we've developed and implemented comprehensive certification policies for the third parties serving ads on AdSense. These policies outline clearly how cookies can and cannot be used on AdSense and require that those third parties not associate cookies with any personal information about users without users' explicit opt-in. These policies also require that the third parties have a mechanism that allows users to opt out of any cookie, web beacon, or other tracking mechanism set by the advertiser for data collection. For more information about user privacy considerations in the certification process, please review our policies.

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