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Ads for search

About Search ads

Search ads is an AdSense for Search (AFS) feature that lets you monetize the search results pages of your site. When users enter search queries in the search box on your site, Google displays ads targeted to the user’s search query on your search result pages. After users click on one of these ads, you generate incremental search ads revenue.

Note: If you don't already have a search experience but think your site could benefit from one, consider adding a Google-powered search engine, which can provide both a search experience and revenue from search ads.


  • Incremental search ads revenue: Search ads use the search query to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads to help you monetize the search results pages of your site. When your users click on these ads, you generate incremental search ads revenue.
  • Access to the Google Search Network: With AdSense for Search, you get access to all search ad budgets from advertiser campaigns opted into the Google Search Network, which can be incremental to what’s available to you through the Google Display Network alone.
  • Privacy preserving: Ads on your search results pages target the search query the user entered, rather than actual user data.
  • Customize the look and feel for seamless integration: Search ads can be styled to match the look and feel of your site. Size, location, color and font are all in your control.

How Search ads works

To use Search ads on your site, you need to create search styles in your AdSense account. Search styles let you style your search ads to match the look and feel of your search results pages for better performance and a great user experience.

Get started with search styles

AdSense has different search style themes for you to choose from and a variety of settings to customize them with, so you can provide a great look and feel to your users.

To get started with search styles:

  1. Create a search style.
  2. Get the code for your search style and implement the search style on your site.

    You can have multiple search ads on your page, located in multiple ad containers. For example, you might have ads above your search results, to the right of them, interspersed within them, or at the end of your page. Where you choose to place your search ads is up to you. Search ads calls out to Google and gets ads for all of the ad containers on your page with a single efficient request.

Note: Make sure you comply with the Custom Search Ads policies when placing search ads.
Note: AdSense for Search (AFS) is not supported in mobile apps.

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