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Ads for search

Search style ad extensions

Search ads can also have extensions. Ad extensions provide additional information such as contact details, sitelinks, click-to-call buttons, etc. The ad extensions and extension settings available for search ads are described below.

Extension settings

You can use extension settings to turn extensions on or off in your search style.

Note: Turning off extensions will impact your revenue performance.
Extension setting Description
Sitelinks Turn this setting off if you don't want sitelinks to appear in your search style.
Ratings Turn this setting off if you don't want ratings to appear in your search style.
Additional information Turn this setting off if you don't want additional information such as political ad disclosures, price information, promotions, etc., to appear in your search style.
Note: This setting also controls call ads.
Visual formats Select your option for image extensions:
  • On: Show search ads with image extensions.
  • Off: Don't show search ads with image extensions.
  • Required: Restrict search ads to only those with image extensions.
Note: This setting also controls app ads.


Extension What it does
Sitelink Displays additional links to deeper content on an advertiser's site beyond the main landing page. Sitelinks extend the value of ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered these ads.
Enhanced sitelinks Displays large-format sitelinks that contain a snippet of text describing each sitelink, in order to help users know whether a link is relevant for what they are looking for.
Rating Displays user-submitted ratings information about sellers next to their ads. These reviews reflect users' buying experience with these businesses, rather than their experience with particular products.
App (mobile only) Displays a link to directly download a mobile application from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Price and Promotion Displays a price or a promotion for some of an advertiser's business offerings.
Click-to-Call (mobile only) Displays an action button to open the phone dialler and directly calls the advertiser.
Location Displays location information for an ad such as a map, an address, or the distance to an advertiser's business.
Phone Number (desktop only) Displays a phone number which cannot be clicked.
Call to Action Displays a call-to-action button.
Ad disclosure Displays disclosures about the ad, such as political ad disclosures for political ads.

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