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How to review ads using the Ad review center

The Ad review center lets you see and take action on individual ads that are eligible to appear on your pages. Let's walk through how to set up and use the review options.

  1. Choose your ad review setting
  2. Review ads
  3. Take action

Step 1: Choose your ad review setting

Do you want to look at ads before they appear on your pages, or are you comfortable waiting until they show up? The Ad review center has two review options: run ads immediately or hold ads for 24 hours for manual review.
  • Run ads immediately leaves you open to the most potential revenue. With this setting, new ads of all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement) will be allowed to appear on your pages automatically.

  • Hold ads for 24 hours gives you more editorial control, since you have the opportunity to block placement-targeted ads even before they appear on your site. If you don't take action after 24 hours, ads will be allowed automatically.

On the Settings subtab, select the radio button for the setting you prefer, and save your changes.

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Step 2: Review ads

Depending on the review setting you chose, you'll find ads awaiting review in one of two places.

  • If you chose run ads immediately, all new ads will automatically be approved. Select the Shown subtab to see ads that have shown on your site in the last 30 days.

  • If you've chosen to hold ads, placement-targeted ads you haven't reviewed yet will appear on the Upcoming subtab. (If it's been more than 24 hours since you reviewed ads, some might have been automatically allowed and may now appear on the Shown subtab.)
To ensure that you’re always reviewing the most important ads first, ads are ranked according to the number of impressions that they’ve received. With ads that you’re holding for review, we order the ads according to how often they’ve been candidates to be displayed on your site. Note that ads must have received at least a small number of impressions to be eligible for review.

Look through the ads. For each ad, you'll see the AdWords account or ad network, typically a URL, along with an example ad creative. To see a full size preview of an ad along with a preview of its landing page, hover of the ad and click the magnifier icon in the bottom corner.

To further help you decide which ads to allow or block, we provide the following performance-related information for each of your ads:

  • Impression score: indicates whether an ad has a high, medium or low number of impressions per day compared to the other ads on your site. We recommend that you consider the potential revenue impact before choosing to block ads with high or medium impression scores.

  • Serving status: tells you whether the serving status of an ad is active (i.e., the ad has recently had impressions) or inactive (i.e., the ad has not had any impressions recently). If an ad is active it’s more likely to still be serving in the next few days. If an ad is inactive it could still show again, but the longer it’s inactive the less likely this is.

  • Historical trend: shows whether the number of impressions per day for an ad has recently increased, decreased or remained stable, according to our historic data. Note that historical trend is based on past data and is not a projection of any future performance of an ad.

If you can't find an ad, you can also search for specific ads using the Filters button in the upper right corner of the main area. Search based on ad text, URL, ad type, or ad network.

To show how many ads you've reviewed of the total upcoming and shown ads in the Ad review center, a progress bar is displayed at the bottom of the page.

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Step 3: Take action

Once you’ve made a decision to block an ad, hover over the ad and click Block in the red bar at the top of the ad. The ad’s status will change to “Blocked.” If you want to take action on multiple ads, simply drag and highlight the group of ads that you’d like to block.

To pre-approve or block all ads from an AdWords account, hover over an ad from that account, click the gear icon in the bottom corner of the ad, then choose your preference:

  • Pre-approve this AdWords account: All ads from this AdWords account will be automatically approved. This applies to all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement).

  • Block this AdWords account: All ads from this AdWords account will always be blocked. This applies to all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement). Blocking ads from an AdWords account may have a negative impact on your revenue.

Updates that you make to ads should take effect on your pages within a few hours.

Changed your mind?

After you've taken action on an ad or AdWords account, you can always change your mind (and your settings) later.

Ads: You can take action on previously reviewed ads by visiting the appropriate subtab — Shown for ads you've allowed, and Blocked for ads you didn't — then finding the ad and changing the ad’s status.

AdWords accounts: AdWords accounts you've pre-approved and blocked are visible under the Settings subtab. Click the "remove" or "pre-approve" button next to the Pre-approved or Blocked AdWords account to change its status.

Remember that updates to ads or AdWords accounts you've acted on in the past may take up to a day to take effect on your pages.

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