About your payments profile

To receive payments from AdSense, you need a payments profile. When you sign up for an AdSense account, you can either create a new profile or select an existing profile. Your profile contains all of the key pieces of information that control payments for your AdSense account. These include:

  • Who gets paid: The name and address of the person or company that payments are issued to.
  • Tax information: The tax status, country and ID associated with your account.
  • Document language preference: In some countries, you can select a language for your billing and payment documents. Where this selection is unavailable, the default language will be the official language of the billing country.
  • Contacts: The names and contact information for people associated with your profile.

Use your profile in any Google product

Storing information in your payments profile makes it easy to pay for services in other Google products, such as Google Play and Google Analytics premium features. It also means that, if you've already established a payments relationship in another Google product, you can choose to use that profile without re-entering all of your information or creating a new profile for AdSense. Learn more about reusable profiles in the Google payments Help Centre.

You can manage your payments profile on the "Settings" page in your AdSense payments section. However, it’s important to note that, if you change information in your profile, it will impact all products that share the profile. Visit the Google payments centre for an overview of all products that will be impacted by an update.

Grant access to your payments profile

If you're registered as a business, you can add other people to your payments profile. For example, you can allow others to perform tasks such as signing up for paid Google services or receiving monthly statements. Learn how to manage payments users.

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