Create & manage your payments profile

Your Google payments profile stores information like:

  • Name, address, and tax ID (when required legally) of who is responsible for the profile
  • Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods you’ve used to buy through Google in the past
  • Receipts and other information about past transactions
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments
  • People you invited to use your profile

You can create a profile, use other profiles you’re invited to, edit profile information, or delete profiles.

Create a payments profile

If you pay for Google products or services, a payments profile is automatically created for you the first time you enter payment details during checkout.

When you enter new payment information for a Google product or service, it gets saved in a payment profile. The next time you buy something through Google, you can reuse the information in the profile or create a new profile. Any payments profile you create or are invited to is associated with your Google Account.

"Individual" & "Business" profiles

Important: For some business products, like Google Ads, you may find Account type = "Organization" instead of "Business."

When you create a profile with some Google products and services, you’ll be asked whether it’s an "individual" or "business" profile. This information must be accurate for tax and identity verification.

Tip: You can only edit your legal company name with a business account. Learn how to update your payments profile.

This setting can’t be changed. Make sure to choose the one that best fits how you plan to use your profile.

  • Individual: Choose this setting if you’re using your account for your own personal payments.
  • Business: Choose this setting if you’re paying on behalf of a business, organization, partnership, or educational institution.

Edit or delete a profile

Edit a payments profile

You can edit a profile you created or are an admin on.

  1. Sign in to your payments summary.
  2. If you have more than one profile:
    1. At the top right of the page next to your name, tap or click the Down arrow Down arrow.
    2. Choose the profile you want to edit.
  3. Make your edits. You can change information like your address, tax ID, and payment methods.
  4. Save your edits.
Delete a payments profile

To delete a payments profile, you’ll need to close it first.

Leave someone else’s profile
  1. Sign in to your payments summary.
  2. At the top right of the page next to your name, tap or click the Down arrow Down arrow.
  3. Choose the profile you want to leave.
  4. Tap or click Settings and then Manage payments users.
  5. Next to your name on the user management card, tap or click the Down arrow Down arrow.
  6. Choose Remove and confirm you want to be removed.

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