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Introducing the new Ad review center

Based on your feedback, we've redesigned the Ad review center. It's now quicker and easier to review the ads on your site.

What's changed?

  • Filter or search for ads: We've replaced the "Filters" button with a prominent search bar at the top of the page.
  • New tabs: We've introduced a third tab to help you better manage your ad review process. The tabs are now:
    • Unreviewed: ads shown on your site that you haven't reviewed
    • Reviewed: ads shown on your site that you've reviewed
    • Blocked: ads shown on your site that you've blocked.
  • Improved interaction with ads: We've improved the way you interact with ads on the main page:
    • To open the detailed view of an ad, click the ad.
    • To block an ad, click the block icon.
  • Marking all ads as reviewed: To mark a page of ads as reviewed, click Mark all as reviewed. We don't automatically mark ads as reviewed when you navigate to the next page of ads now.
  • Blocking a Google Ads account: We've removed the "Settings" tab. To block all ads from a Google Ads account, open the detailed view of an ad and click Block account. To see a list of the Google Ads accounts you've blocked, click More More, then click Blocked Google Ads accounts.

Learn more about the Ad review center.

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