AdSense for games (AFG)

HTML5 AdSense for games

AdSense for games is Google’s advertising solution that can be used to monetize HTML5 and WebGL games.

Our simple solution, currently available on limited-beta, helps game developers and publishers easily integrate advertising within their HTML5 and WebGL games using a variety of ad formats such as skippable video and image ads.

Skippable full-slot image ad format TrueView skippable video ad
AdSense for games provides various ad formats including skippable full-slot image ads (left image), and TrueView skippable video ads (right image).

Apply to use HTML5 AdSense for games

To register your interest in using HTML5 AdSense for games using our simple solution, please complete the following form including an example URL from one of your HTML5 or WebGL games.

Apply to use HTML5 AdSense for games

Policy reminder

HTML5 AdSense for games must only be used to monetize HTML5 and WebGL gaming content:

  • Video content publishers should use AdSense for video.
  • Other outstream video placements are strictly in violation of AdSense policies.
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