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Ads for games (beta)

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Ads for games (beta) is a new AdSense product that lets you grow your earnings by showing ads in your HTML5 games. HTML5 games (H5 games) are web games implemented in JavaScript that render using the Canvas widget via the Canvas or WebGL APIs. They can run in web browsers and also in WebViews on native apps. With Ads for games, you integrate the Google Ad Placement API into your H5 games and we show ads at the best moments for your users.


Ads for games offers:

High-performing formats

  • Interstitials: Full-screen ads that are displayed at natural transition points in your game, such as between levels. Users can choose to either click these ads or return to your game.
  • Rewarded: Rewarded ads are ads that users can choose to interact with in exchange for in-game rewards.

Manual ad placement

  • You control where ads might appear in your games. Google then determines exactly when to show them so they perform well for you and provide a good experience for your users.


  • Ads for games uses the AdSense code which means you can use the same ad code for your game ads and content ads.
  • We've replaced the IMA SDK with a new Ad Placement API that's easier to use and less prone to errors. For example, the new API uses a simple JavaScript object to describe ad placements and offers API protections to help address spam issues. Learn more about the Ad Placement API.

Cross-platform support

  • Ads for games supports iframing your game into your site, as well as embedding your game code directly into a web page.
  • Ads for games also supports app integration with AdMob, so that you can monetize your game with app ads when your H5 game is hosted in the webview of a mobile app (Android support only).

With Ads for games, your games will be able to show ads on your site, on a webpage, or within an app WebView - all from a single API.

How it works

To show ads in your H5 game, you need to:

  1. Integrate the Ad Placement API into your game. See: Get started with the Ad Placement API.
  2. If your game is played in a mobile app, we recommend you set up your AdMob account for optimal user experience and performance.
    Important: When you design your game to be embedded within an app and you own the app, or are entering into a revenue share agreement with the owner of the app, then the only way to do this in a high-performing and policy compliant way is to use this AdMob support for mobile apps.
  3. Add the AdSense code to your game page.
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