Decrease in earnings

My CTR/page RPM has decreased

A drop in CTR/page RPM can be caused by a site design that's not optimized or by poor targeting. Visitors either see your ads but don't click on them as they find them irrelevant, or they don't see your ads at all. A low CTR/page RPM often leads to lower earnings.

To help analyze CTR/page RPM trends and pinpoint specific changes that might have led to a decline, extend the date range of your reports out to at least the last 30 days. Alternatively, you can use the “compare to other dates” feature to see if a similar decline happened during the prior month or year. This will help you to discover any seasonal trends that might be affecting your earnings.

If your earnings have decreased because of a drop in CTR/page RPM, here are some steps you can take:

The Ad sizes report with Active View metrics
Visit your Reports page, and then select Ad sizes. Now, select the Active Views metric family.

The Ad sizes report with Active View metrics

In general, a higher CTR/page RPM is associated with higher viewability. Use the report to pinpoint specific ad units which have a low Active View Viewable percentage. Once you've identified these ad units, try to optimize their placement on your site, for example, by moving them to a more popular area of your page. Learn more about viewability and Active View.

The Platforms report
Visit your Reports page, and then select Platforms. In the table under the graph, take a look at your traffic on desktop compared to mobile.

The Platforms report

If you have a high number of page views from mobile devices, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Better yet, consider switching to responsive ad units to ensure the best experience no matter what screen size your users are using.

Do you have a low mobile CTR? (You can check this by selecting the Clicks metric family, then the CTR metric in your Platforms report.) If your CTR is low for mobile and tablet then make sure your site is optimized for mobile ads. For more information, check out our multi-screen guidelines.

Crawler errors
Check your AdSense account for crawler errors. If we’re unable to crawl your pages, we’ll be unable to match relevant ads to your pages. Also, our crawler is less effective at deriving meaning from images or dynamic content, so we encourage publishers to include text content on their pages. Note that after you make an update to your site, it can take our crawler up to 48 hours to revisit your pages and update your ad targeting. Learn more about the AdSense crawler.
Enhanced text and display ads
Have you recently opted out of enhanced text and displays ads? Keep in mind that choosing not to show these ad formats can lead to a lower CTR/page RPM and CPC.
PageSpeed Insights
Check the performance of your pages with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. PageSpeed Insights can help you to make your pages faster on all devices.

Best practices for improving CTR/page RPM

Here are some best practices to help drive up your CTR/page RPM:

For more information, check out the AdSense optimization overview.

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