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Use Google Analytics with AdSense

I'm missing AdSense data in Analytics

If you see very little or no AdSense data in your Analytics account, and you've already linked accounts, please review the issues below to see which might be leading to this issue.

If you haven't yet linked accounts, review the instructions on how to link Analytics and AdSense and the linking AdSense and Analytics FAQs.

  • Have you linked to the right Analytics account?

    You can tell whether you've linked your accounts by signing in to your preferred Analytics account, then looking in the Content in the sidebar navigation of your Analytics reports. If you don't see AdSense in the Content section, then this Analytics account isn't linked to your AdSense account.

    If you're sure that you've linked one of your Analytics accounts to AdSense, but can't remember which one, we recommend you check each of your Analytics accounts for the "AdSense" section.

    If you've linked to the wrong Analytics account, you'll have to unlink accounts and re-link to the correct account.

  • Have you placed the Analytics code on all of your AdSense webpages?

    When you're done linking accounts, you'll need to make sure that you are using Analytics tracking code on all of your webpages using AdSense. Learn more about the code you'll need on your pages.

    Please note that the order of the code snippets is very important. The snippets must be placed in your webpage's HTML as follows:
    1. The AdSense code snippets for ads
    2. The Analytics tracking code, placed just before the closing </body> tag
  • Did you link accounts more than 48 hours ago?

    After you've linked accounts, it'll take some time for AdSense data to begin appearing in Analytics. You'll need to allow 24 hours after linking to see any AdSense data in Analytics, and 48 hours to see a full day's data.

    For example, let's say you link accounts on Monday. On Tuesday, you'll be able to see some of Monday's data in Analytics, and on Wednesday, you'll be able to see all of Tuesday's data.

  • Are you comparing your Analytics data to AdSense for content ad units data?

    AdSense reports in Analytics only track AdSense for content ad units. When generating a report in your AdSense account, make sure that on your Advanced Reports page, you select AdSense for content as the product, and ad units only, instead of link units or combined. This will ensure you're comparing the right data.

  • Are you showing AdSense ads through an ad server?

    Only the standard implementation of AdSense (that is, copying the code from your AdSense account and pasting it into your webpages) is supported by Analytics reporting. If you serve AdSense through an ad server (such as Google Ad Manager), you may be invalidating AdSense reporting in Analytics.

  • Are you using the "_udn" variable or the "setDomainName()" function in your Analytics code?

    Use of this functionality in Analytics requires a corresponding change to your AdSense code.

  • Are you calling a locally stored copy of the Analytics code?

    Implementation of Analytics requires that you paste the code exactly as given in your Analytics account into your webpages. If you call a local copy of urchin.js or ga.js, you may be invalidating AdSense reporting in Analytics.

    Calling a locally stored copy of the Analytics code means referencing a saved version of the urchin.js or ga.js tracking script on your web server, rather than calling it from Google (as implemented in the code given in your Analytics account).

    For example, if your website is and you call in your Analytics implementation, you are using a local (rather than Google-hosted) copy of the Analytics tracking code, which may prevent Analytics from tracking AdSense.

  • Have you enabled your Analytics views for AdSense?

    Your Analytics reports will only receive AdSense data if they're enabled for it. To change the Analytics views enabled or disabled for AdSense data, you'll have to revise your linking settings for the desired views.

If the above suggestions don't explain the issue, then the discrepancy may be because Analytics may not track pageviews as AdSense does. Learn more

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