A. Travel Site: Homepage


  • Place larger ad unit above the fold to attract placement targeting
  • You can put up to three standard AdSense for content ads on your homepage. We recommend using either a 728x90 leaderboard or a 336x280 large rectangle (enabled for text and display) ad format according to your page layout.
  • You should implement the recommended ad units between content or on the side bar, depending on your site's layout.
  • Adding an Adsense for search box next to the top navigation bar would be an additional way to monetize your site.

Mobile Web:

  • We recommend that you only place one ad unit per screen, to avoid a poor experience for your users.
  • You should implement a 320x50 mobile leaderboard below the menu bar.
  • Place a 300x250 medium rectangle on the second and third screen between the content.
  • All ads units should be enabled to show text and display ads.

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