Optimization tips

View changes to the scores in your scorecard

As you take action to address the issues highlighted in your scorecard, you should see your scores improving. When a score increases, you’ll see this indicated by a green up arrow next to the new score. Bear in mind that scores can also go down, for example, if you were to switch back to using non-recommended ad formats or text-only ad units this would affect your “Revenue optimization” score. When a score decreases, you’ll see a red down arrow next to the new score. Arrows will remain visible in your scorecard for seven days following a change.


Here are some examples of score changes:

If you see this: It means that:
This category’s score has increased by one or more blue dots up to four blue dots.
This category’s score has decreased by one or more blue dots down to three blue dots.
This item’s score has gone up from “Needs improvement” to “Improvements suggested”.
This item’s score has gone down from “Improvements suggested” to “Needs improvement”.


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