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Sensitive ad categories

Depending on your country, you might not see all of the categories listed below on your "Sensitive categories" page. For example, if gambling is not permitted in your country, the Gambling opt-in sensitive category is not available.

Sensitive categories are divided into standard sensitive categories and opt-in sensitive categories.

Standard sensitive categories

Standard sensitive categories are allowed by default. To prevent ads from any of these categories from showing on your pages, click the Block button corresponding to the category.

View full list of standard sensitive ad categories
Birth control Includes birth control ads as well as ads for products, services & information relating to STDs including clinics and medication; does not include normal pregnancy resources or abortion services. Note that only visitors from your country will see birth control ads on your pages, and they'll only see those permitted by law. In some countries this is the only standard sensitive category available.
Black Magic, Astrology & Esoteric Includes zodiac, horoscopes, love spells, potions, and psychic-related ads.
Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification Includes lifts, suctions, lasers, hair removal and restoration, tattoos, and body modification.
Consumer Loans Includes consumer lending and loans. (This category is specific to Japanese and Korean.)
Dating Includes dating services and online dating communities.
Drugs & Supplements Includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and related retailers; does not include resources providing information about drugs.
Free Gifts, Quiz, Survey Includes sites promoting free gifts, quizzes and surveys. (This category is specific to Japanese.)
Get Rich Quick Schemes promising fast earning.
Jouhoushouzai (Misleading Claims and Penny Auctions) Includes sites promoting misleading results and exaggerated claims. (This category is specific to Japanese.)
Politics Includes ads for political campaigns or candidates, ads addressing controversial social issues, ads referencing well-known politicians, and ads touching on events widely perceived to be political in nature, such as elections, protests, terrorist attacks, wars and conflicts.
References to Sex & Sexuality Includes ads that are sexually suggestive, ads relating to sexual and reproductive health and ads that refer to sex and sexuality.
Religion Includes religious ads and ads advocating for or against religious views; does not include astrology or non-denominational spirituality.
Ringtones & Downloadables Mobile add-ons including ringtones, and other downloadable goodies such as screensavers and wallpapers for desktop PCs and profile layouts and graphics for social networks.
Sexual & Reproductive Health Includes sexual function, fertility and birth control ads as well as ads for products, services, and information related to STDs including clinics and medication; does not include normal pregnancy resources or abortion services.
Social Casino Games Includes simulated gambling games (including, without limitation, poker, slots, bingo, lotteries, sports betting, betting on races, as well as other card games and casino games) where there is no opportunity to win anything of value (such as money or prizes).

*Around March 2015, we will begin supporting ads for social casino games as part of a beta program we’re running. For more information, see Social Casino Games beta program.

Video Games (Casual & Online) Includes video games, online games and downloadable games; does not include video game consoles.
Weight Loss Includes weight loss, dieting, and related products and programs; doesn't include healthy eating or general fitness ads.

Restricted sensitive categories

Restricted sensitive categories are blocked by default. Ads in this category were previously categorized as non-family safe and were not allowed on pages managed by AdSense. If you don’t mind ads from these categories showing on your pages, click the Allow button corresponding to the category.

View full list of restricted sensitive ad categories
  • Gambling & Betting (18+): Includes online gambling and location-based gambling. Please note that these ads will only be shown to users in regions where gambling is legal. A full list of these locations can be found here. Additionally, due to local laws, we strongly recommend that publishers do not opt in to receiving gambling ads if their primary site audience is intended for individuals under 18 years of age (e.g., kids' game sites, high school education sites).

    These gambling-related categories are already allowed on the Google Display Network except where disallowed by law:

    • Financial spreadbetting
    • Competitions/sweepstakes
    • Location-based gambling
    • Fantasy sports
    • Offline gambling accessories

    These gambling-related categories will potentially be allowed to run on your site when you opt in, depending on your country and the country in which the end-user is viewing your pages:

    • Bingo
    • Lotteries
    • Online casino games
    • Tips, odds and handicapping
    • Education/supplemental materials
    • Bonus codes
    • Sports Betting

    These countries are lottery-only:

    • Russia
    • Slovenia
    • Poland

    Many other specific restrictions apply to a number of countries based on their legal requirements.

  • Alcohol: Includes branding ads from alcohol producers, online retailers, wineries, breweries, events sponsored by alcohol companies that don't promote alcoholic drinks, alcohol accessories and non-alcoholic establishments that mention alcohol. Some countries have restrictions on the types of alcohol-related ads that are allowed and will only show permitted ad types.
    The alcohol opt-in sensitive ad category is only available to YouTube partners.

    These alcohol-related ads will potentially be allowed to run on your content when you opt in, depending on your country and the country in which the end-user is viewing your content:

    • Third-party produced events promoted by alcohol brands as a secondary sponsor. This does not include events organized by alcohol companies as the primary and/or title sponsor for the purpose of increasing brand awareness.
    • Wineries, wine tours, sommelier courses with no online sale option
    • Brick-and-mortar bars or pubs which do NOT focus on alcohol (there is no direct promotion of drinking and no online sale option)
    • Establishments that are not alcohol related (like hotels, restaurants) which mention alcohol
    • Alcohol tasting and cocktail making classes
    • Cocktail recipes
    • Beer, wine, or hard alcohol making kits
    • Alcohol accessories, including:
      • Wine glasses
      • Empty bottles
      • Beer mugs
      • Wine storage
      • Alcohol-related collectibles
      • Alcohol-related memorabilia
      • Packaging and containers (i.e., bottles, decanters, limited edition cans).

    For more information about YouTube's policy on alcohol advertising, see the Ad Specs Guide.

Our system classifies ads automatically and we don't rely on advertiser-provided categorization. Our technology will make its best attempt to filter ads from the categories above; however, we don't guarantee that it will block every related ad. If you see that an undesired ad has been displayed, please block that ad by URL or by advertiser using the Ad review center.

The total percentage of ad impressions shown on your "Sensitive categories" page might be greater than or less than 100% as ads may be classified in multiple categories, or not classified in any category at all.
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