AdSense optimization overview

Welcome to our best practices on AdSense optimizations. We've gathered together some of the top tips used by our AdSense specialists who’ve worked with publishers of all sizes. Now you can take advantage of these same tips to make your site and ad implementations more effective.

This section is structured so that you can view these tips in different ways:

Optimization best practices

  • Blend, complement, and contrast

    Use these techniques to design ad styles that will be successful for your site.
  • Maximize ad space with multiple ad units

    Provided you don't have more ads than content on your pages, you can put multiple ad units on each page of your site.
  • Most popular ad sizes

    Our most optimal sizes are 720x90, 336x280, 160x600, and the 320x100 mobile banner.
  • Make sure your content flows

    The layout of your site is critical and ads play a part in how it’s structured. Think of your users and put ads below the header and in viewability.
  • Lift the CPC

    Showing text and display ads can help boost revenue. If both work for you, opt in your ad units.

Advanced tips

User experience guidelines

Search engine optimization tips

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