Site management

Manage the list of sites in your account

Learn how to use site management to build a list of sites to use in site-related actions

The site management feature allows you to build a list of sites to use in site-related actions, such as setting up site-level blocking rules. For example, if you want to set site-level blocking rules on one of your sites, you’ll need to add it to your list of owned sites first. You can add domains (e.g., and subdomains (e.g., to your site list.

Formatting the URLs of your sites

It’s important to use the correct URL when adding sites to ensure that your site-related actions work as you expect them to. For example, if you want want to set blocking rules across an entire domain, you should add to your site list. If you add as your site, your blocking rules are not applied to the entire domain, and subdomains such as will still show ads.

The examples below show how a specific URL can be used to either broadly or narrowly block ads from sites. Ads will be blocked from URLs in bold green, while those in standard gray text will still show ads.

URL entered
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