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Blocking controls

About site-level blocking in AdSense

Site-level blocking may help increase revenue by letting you prevent different ads from certain categories from appearing on the different sites (domain (such as example.com) or subdomains (such as sports.example.com)) you manage. Specifically, you can customize the advertiser URL, general category, and sensitive category blocking options for each of your sites.

You might want to block a category of ads from appearing on a children’s site you run, but allow those same ads to appear on a separate sports-related site you also manage.

Important things to know about site-level blocking:

  • Only applies to AdSense for content ads.
  • Only blocks advertiser URLs, general categories, and sensitive categories on a site-by-site basis.
  • Only applies site-level blocks to one site at a time, you can’t group several sites together. 
  • Can apply a block across all of your sites at once.

Use the site management feature to make your site available for site-level blocking

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