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Ad review center overview

The Ad review center is a feature that gives you more transparency and control over the ads that appear on your site. When you enable the Ad review center, you can review individual ads after they're shown and assess whether you want to continue showing them on your pages.

Ad review center

Some important things to know about the Ad review center:

  • You can find it on the Blocking controls page in your AdSense account
  • It supports ads of all targeting types (contextual, personalized, and placement)
  • You can use its filter and search functions to help you find ads to review and block
  • It doesn't support all AdSense products
  • You can only block ads at the product level, not on a site-by-site basis

For help getting started with the Ad review center, see our guide to reviewing ads.

Note that blocking ads may have a negative revenue impact because blocked ads won't compete in the auction on your site, and therefore won't drive up potential earnings for that ad space. Also, advertisers whose ads you block may choose not to target your site again in the future. We suggest blocking only those ads that you feel are unsuitable for your users.
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