Getting started with the interface

Supported browsers for the AdSense interface

For the best experience, we encourage you to access the interface via one of the following fully supported (and free!) web browsers:

  • Google Chrome (always automatically up-to-date)
  • Firefox (always automatically up-to-date)
  • Internet Explorer version 9 or higher
    From October 1st, 2013, AdSense will no longer support Internet Explorer version 8. If you currently use Internet Explorer 8, we encourage you to upgrade to one of the fully supported browsers, to ensure that all of your AdSense features continue to work properly.

    Note that this change will only affect your ability to access the AdSense interface. Please be assured that users using Internet Explorer 8 to view ads on your site will not be affected.

  • Safari version 6 or higher
Don't forget that JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on all browsers.

You can check what browser version you're currently running at, a site created by Google.

If you're unable to upgrade your browser on your own, contact your administrator or your IT support for further assistance.