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AdSense guide to allowing and blocking ads on your site

To give you editorial control over the ads that appear on your site, we offer several options for reviewing and blocking ads that may appear on your pages.

Watch this video to understand what blocking options are available to you.

Blocking options available to Publishers

The Blocking controls page in your account is the place where you tell us if there are any ads you don't want, and what kinds you don't want.

Note: Ad blocking should be used sparingly. Displaying all ads creates the most competitive atmosphere in the ad auction, with the largest number of ads possible competing for an impression.

Advertiser URL

Let's say you run and your biggest competitor runs Since your page content is about widgets, WidgetGalaxy ads are automatically matched to your site. To avoid showing your competitor's ads, you can add to your list of blocked advertiser URLs, and avoid seeing another ad from them again. Learn more about blocking advertiser URLs.

General ad category

You can block ads from general categories such as Apparel, Internet, Real Estate, and Vehicles. General category blocking is available for ads in a limited set of languages, regardless of the language of the site.

Sensitive ad category

You can block ads from categories related to sensitive topics such as Religion, Politics, and References to Sex and Sexuality. Sensitive category blocking is available for ads in a limited set of languages, regardless of the language of the site.

Ad network

Ads from certified Google ad networks are allowed to appear on your pages by default. On this page, you can allow and block specific third-party ad networks, or all future ad networks. Learn more about allowing and blocking ad networks.

Ad review center

The Ad review center lets you review and take action on individual ads that have appeared on your pages. Learn more about the Ad review center.

Other blocking options

Google Publisher Toolbar

This Chrome extension allows you to block individual ads and advertiser URLs through overlays that appear on your ads as you browse your site. Learn more about the Google Publisher Toolbar.

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