Allow and block ads

How to enable the Ad review center

To enable the Ad review center, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Allow & block ads tab.
  2. In the sidebar, select your product. For example, select “Content” for AdSense for content.
  3. In the horizontal bar across the top of the page, click the Ads (Ad review center) tab.
  4. Review the information about using the Ad review center.
  5. If you're ready to start using the feature, submit a request.

When you enable the Ad review center, it's automatically set to allow all ads to run on your site. To change this setting, click Settings in the horizontal bar at the top of the page.

At first, you'll only see ads targeted to your site since the Ad review center was enabled. Over the next day or two, more ads will appear in the Shown tab of the Ad review center.

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