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Why your account has a payment hold

Your AdSense payments may be held for any of the following common reasons:

  • You haven't submitted your tax information
    Depending on the country of your payment address, Google may require you to provide certain tax information. Check the "Payments > Settings" page in your AdSense account for more details. Go to your "Tax information" page now
  • You haven't set up a form of payment
    Set up your form of payment now
  • You haven't verified your address
    All publishers are mailed a personal identification number (PIN) when their earnings reach the verification threshold. You must enter your PIN to verify your address before you can receive payments.
  • You have a compliance hold on your account
    Our payments team need you to provide certain information in order to confirm your identity, before your payment can be made. Learn more about whether or not you have a compliance hold.
  • You haven't removed your self-hold
    If you chose to pause your AdSense payments, you need to remove your self-hold to begin receiving them again.
  • If your form of payment is via Russia Post (Rapida - post)
    If your account is on hold, then action is required to continue receiving payments by Russia Post due to updated restrictions. Please read all instructions regarding what to do to continue receiving payments.
  • Your account is currently under review for compliance with our program policies
    All accounts are monitored for policy compliance and invalid activity. At times, while your account is under investigation, your payments will be temporarily placed on hold. You do not need to contact us about this hold; the hold will be automatically removed at the end of the investigation if your account is policy compliant and your traffic is valid.

You may also notice a payment hold for a variety of less common payment-related issues. Any time your payments are on hold, an alert appears on your "Payments" page. Click the link in the alert to see the steps you need to take to remove the hold and become eligible for payment.

You will be issued a payment in the monthly payment cycle only if you do not have a payment hold on your account. All payment holds must be removed by the 20th to be issued a payment at the end of the month. If your payment has been issued this month, an 'Automatic payment' line item will be posted to your "Payments" page, indicating that your payment is in progress.

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