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Find ads in the Ad review center

To search for specific ads, use the Filters button in the upper right corner of the main ad review area. Filters allow you to restrict which ads you see, for example, by language, ad type, ad size, etc.

You can use the "Ads matching" filtering option to search for ads with the same ad text or URL.

Apply filters

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click Allow & block ads.
  3. Click your product. For example, click Content for AdSense for content.
  4. In the horizontal bar across the top of the page, click the Ads (Ad review center) tab.
  5. Select the subtab for the ads you’re looking for. For example, if you want to find ads that have already appeared on your site, select the Shown subtab.
  6. Click Filters in the upper right corner of the main area.
    Filters button in the Ad review center
  7. In the "Filters" panel, choose from the following filtering options:
    • Ads matching: Search based on ad text or URL. You can also search for ads by image or search by related ads.
    • Ad language: Filter based on the language that has been detected for ads. To determine ad language, we look at various factors including the landing page of the ad as well as its content, which means you might see ads with images or text in a different language to the one you filtered on. For convenience, the drop-down list is sorted by Top languages, ordered by the percentage of your ads in each language, followed by All languages.
      ​For example, let's say you have ads in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese), and the distribution totals for each language are: English (20), Spanish (40), Italian (25), Portuguese (5), and Japanese (10). The drop-down would then display the top languages in the following (descending) order: Spanish, Italian, English, Japanese, and Portuguese.
    • Ad types: Search by text, image, or rich media ads including Flash ads with text.
    • Ad sizes: Search for standard ad sizes (recommended, horizontal banner, vertical banner, etc.), or specify your own custom ad size.
    • From ad network: Search a specific ad network.
    • New ads in last: Search for ads that have appeared in the last 1, 3, or 7 days, or for all new ads.
    • Publisher domain: Search for ads that have appeared on a specific domain that you show ads on. For example, let's say you show ads on To see the ads that have appeared on your domain, enter in the text field.
    You'll see slightly different filtering options, depending on which subtab you've selected.
  8. When you've selected your filtering options, click Apply filters.
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