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About the Fine-tune your ads controls (beta)

The 'Fine-tune your ads' controls are a new set of opt-in controls for in-page Auto ads. They're designed to give you more control over the number of in-page ads on your pages and the distance between each ad. They can also let Auto ads find more ad placements on your article pages.

When you opt in to fine-tune controls, we'll turn off your existing ad load setting and provide you with the following new controls:

  • Maximum number of ads: lets you decide the maximum number of in-page ads to show on your pages.
  • Minimum distance between ads: lets you choose how much space you want in between your in-page ads.
  • Find more ad placements on article pages: lets you choose if you want Auto ads to identify more potential placements for in-page ads on your article pages. We recommend that you turn this control on as it can help to maximise the potential performance of your pages.
    Note: Turning this control on doesn't necessarily mean that Auto ads will show more ads, just that there are more potential places on your article page where ads could appear. How many ads are shown and where they appear, depends on what settings you choose for the 'Maximum number of ads' and 'Minimum distance between ads' controls.

If you want to revert back to your original ad load setting, you can turn off Fine-tune your ads.

Note: The fine-tune your ads controls (beta) do not affect Related search for Auto ads.

How to set up fine-tune controls

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. In the table of all your sites, click Edit Edit next to your site. Your site opens in the ad settings preview.
    Tip: You can use the preview to try out different ad settings before your Auto ads go live.
  4. Under 'Ad settings', turn on Auto ads.
  5. Click In-page formats.
  6. Turn on Fine-tune your ads.
  7. Choose your options:
    • Maximum number of ads: Use the slider to set the maximum number of ads.
    • Minimum distance between ads: Use the slider to set the minimum distance between ads.
    • Find more ad placements on article pages: Select the tick box if you want Auto ads to identify more potential ad placements on your article pages.
  8. Go back to 'Ad settings', then click Apply to site.

    It can take up to an hour for the new settings to be applied to your site.

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