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Monetization and ads

Use of online advertising to get new users to the site

AdSense publishers are welcome to use online advertising as a way to get new users to their sites. However, in order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers that use any form of online advertising to pages with Google ads are required to comply with the spirit of Google's Landing Page Quality Guidelines. The three main components of a high quality landing pages outlined in these guidelines are the following: relevant and original content, transparency, and site navigability.

  • Relevant and original content: When a user clicks on one of your ads they should be taken to the page on your site that is most relevant to the products and services featured in your ad. In addition, your site should be comprised of substantial and unique content that can’t be found elsewhere. Ads shouldn't take users to pages that consist mostly of more ads, general search results (such as a directory or catalog page), or pages whose primary purpose is to redirect traffic to or mirror the content of a parent site unless it also provides additional and unique content.
  • Transparency: Publishers should deliver what is promised in their ad. For example, if your ad says that your site has the “best” deals on rental cars then users should be able to find those deals and rent a car on your landing page. You should only charge users for the products and services that they order and successfully receive. Pricing for these services and products should be clear. Unless it is necessary for the product or service that you're offering, don't request personal information.
  • Navigability: Users should be able to easily navigate your site without interference and quickly find the products and offers from your ad.
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