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Address (PIN) verification

How to request a replacement PIN

If you haven't received your PIN after 3 weeks, you can request a replacement PIN.

Step 1. Make sure your payments address can receive standard mail

Here are some tips to help you check you can receive your PIN mail. If needed, you can change your payments address.

  • Confirm your address details match the country/territory you selected when you signed up for AdSense. Don't use an address in a country/territory that's different from your account's country/territory.
  • Confirm your address can receive standard mail through your local mail service. For more details, go to: What is a valid payments address?
  • It's best to enter your payments address in local language characters.
  • Check with your local mail service provider or post office that your mail is not being forwarded to another address.

Step 2. Request a replacement PIN

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Payments, then Verification check.
  3. Click Resend PIN.

    We'll mail a new PIN to your payments address.

  • If your original PIN arrives first, you may use it; the replacement PIN will be a duplicate of the original.
  • If you've requested your 4th replacement PIN mail and you still haven't received it after 3 weeks, go to our PIN troubleshooter.

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