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What to do when your site is not ready to show ads

There are several reasons why your site may not be ready to show ads. Discover what you need to fix and how to create an AdSense-ready site.

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How to get your site approved?

Gray code icon. Your ad code is missing or incomplete

  • Did you paste the code into the HTML of your site? Check our code implementation guide.
  • Did you paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags?
  • Did you paste the code into the site you used to sign up for AdSense?

Google AdSense Site Ownership and Basic Checks

Another way to connect your site to AdSense

If you'd prefer not to paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags of your site or create an ads.txt file, you can verify your site ownership in Search Console. If we detect that you've verified your site in Search Console, we'll continue checking your site is ready to show ads.

Your site is unreachable

  • Did you provide the correct URL? If you made a mistake, please remove the site from your sites list and add a new site with the correct URL.
  • Is your site up and running? Make sure your site is published and live on the web.
  • Can AdSense access your site without a password? If your site's login protected, consider temporarily removing the login so that we can reach your site. Note that after your account has been successfully activated, you can create a crawler login to display Google ads on your login-protected pages.
  • Can the AdSense crawler access your site? Make sure you're not blocking our crawler in your robots.txt file. Review how to fix AdSense crawler issues.
  • Does your site have a valid SSL Certificate from a recognized certification authority (not a self-signed certificate) and does it also redirect HTTP to HTTPS? (Only applicable if you're using HTTPS.)

Your site doesn't have enough unique content or provide a good user experience

Before you can start monetizing a site with AdSense, it's important that your site provides enough valuable content to users and has a good user experience and navigational elements.

Google AdSense Quality content

Review our tips on how to establish a high-quality site and deliver a good user experience.

Gray policy icon. Your site has policy violations

There are policy violations on your site which need resolving before your site is ready. For more information, review our Program policies or see how to resolve policy issues in your Policy center.

Google AdSense Good and Bad Traffic

Submit your site for review

Building a high-quality site takes effort and time. When you’ve addressed the above points, submit your site for review through the Sites page in your AdSense account.

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Sites.
  3. In the list of sites, click the site that needs review.
  4. Confirm you've placed the AdSense code on your site. Learn more about pasting ad code in our code implementation guide.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Request review.

    The review process usually takes a few days, but in some cases can take 2-4 weeks. We'll let you know when we've completed the checks and your site is ready to show ads.

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