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Policy centre FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Policy centre.

I’ve fixed my site based on the policy enforcement details. Why can I still see an enforcement in my Policy centre?

You’ll need to request a review of your site before the enforcement can be removed. Follow the steps for requesting a review.

If a policy enforcement for a site isn't shown in the Policy centre, does that mean the site is in compliance with programme policies?

Not necessarily. The Policy centre shows sites that our review processes detected as violating one or more Programme policies. While we’re constantly working to improve those processes, they can't detect every issue. We may notify you outside the Policy centre if we detect an issue through other means.

Does the Policy centre show all sites found to be in violation of the Google programme policies?

No. The Policy centre shows violating sites that have generated ad requests in the last 7–10 days. Certain sites (for example, those with very low daily traffic) will not appear in the Policy centre. You're responsible for ensuring that your sites comply with our programme policies at all times. We suggest that you regularly check your sites for compliance.

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