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Optimisation tips for your site and your ads

Optimisation is the process of making changes to improve the quality of your site, the traffic on your site and the performance of your AdSense ads. Depending on your optimisation goals, this might mean modifying your site or your ad implementation. Optimisation can help you grow your AdSense revenue, improve the usability of your site and get more traffic, etc.

Below you can find tips on how to improve your ad performance and build better sites.

Ad implementation tips

  • Try Auto ads: focus on your content and grow your business with Auto ads. They're easy to set up and provide advanced customisation features like ad load, which lets you control the number of ads that you show on your pages. Auto ads also offer different ad formats, so that you can customise the ad experience on your site:
    • If you want to increase the number of ad slots on your page, consider using the in-page format.
    • Activate Multiplex ads if you wish to recommend other content on your site.
    • Try formats like vignettes and anchors which perform well on mobile and desktop and can help increase your ads' viewability.
  • Experiment with your AdSense account settings: visit the Optimisation page in your account to explore customised recommendations that could boost your income.
  • Run experiments to improve your ad settings. Experiments let you compare one of your ad settings against a variation of that setting to see which performs better. Experiments help you to make informed decisions about how to configure your ad settings, and can help you to increase your earnings. You can let Google run experiments on your ad format settings and automatically apply any improvements to your revenue or user experience.
  • Make your ads more visible with viewability. Make sure that you increase the number of viewable ad impressions on your site. This will likely lead to more clicks and higher revenue potential. To achieve a viewability rate of 70%+ for your top performing ad units, follow viewability best practices: reduce page length, place ads right above the fold, use vertical ad sizes (especially on desktop), keep creating engaging content, increase page speed.
  • Switch your fixed-sized ad units to responsive ad units by updating their ad code. Or, if you're unable to update your ad code, turn on the ad sizes optimisation setting.
  • Make sure that you're not blocking any ads that you don't need to. If you block too many advertiser URLs, ad networks, general or sensitive categories, this can decrease ad performance because there are fewer advertisers in the auction bidding on your inventory. Find out more in our guide to allowing and blocking ads.
  • It's important to consider the user experience and the AdSense Programme policies when placing ads on your site. Check out our best practices for ad placement.You can also get acquainted with Better Ads StandardsWe strongly encourage AdSense publishers to take a look at their Ad Experience Report and address any issues that have been identified.

Site optimisation tips

  • Optimise the mobile version of your site. Powered especially by the rise in smartphone adoption, constant connectivity has created many more opportunities for publishers to connect with their users. With a multi-screen centric approach, these opportunities can lead to a larger audience and, ultimately, to higher revenue in the long term. For more tips, see Optimisations for the mobile Web.
  • Create an AMP site: creating an AMP-first site gives you a high performance – faster page load time, better user experience on mobile and more overall traffic.
  • Check the page speed of your site: we recommend that you use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check your page speed.
  • Develop a traffic strategy: review our traffic tips on how to boost and optimise your site traffic.
  • It's worth having a look at search engine optimisation for your site. Check out our SEO Starter Guide.
  • Optimising the quality of user experience is key to the long-term success of any site on the web. Whether you're a business owner, marketer or developer, Web Vitals can help you quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities to improve. Learn how to measure Web Vitals with your current analytics tool.

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