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My ads: Manage your inventory more efficiently

The My ads tab has been redesigned to help you manage your ad inventory more efficiently. This is where you create and manage your ad units and custom channels, as well as where you sign up for additional AdSense products, like AdSense for search, AdSense for feeds, and more.

Products: We've grouped ad units based on product type, so it's easy for you to see the inventory you've made available for search, content, and other AdSense products. The interface also allows you to view ad units and custom channels side by side. Plus, you can select multiple ad units to update their ad type at once.

Filter ad units: We’ve added a view filter to this page so that you can easily search for specific ad units and channels.

Other products: If you want to start using additional AdSense products, like AdSense for search or games, you can do so by clicking on the specific product here. You will then be guided through the set up process for that product.

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