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Troubleshoot ads not showing

There may be several reasons your app is showing few ads or isn’t showing ads at all. Use the following guide to troubleshoot ad issues. 

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Allow time for new apps and ad units to activate

When apps are newly registered with AdMob, it typically takes up to an hour for the new ad unit to become fully functional across Google’s servers. Because of this, you may not see live impressions immediately.

If you created a new ad unit recently, it may also take up to an hour before the ad unit is activated. Use test ad units to check your implementation while you wait for your ad units to activate. 

Note: In some cases, it may take longer than an hour for you to see ads in new apps or ad units. Please wait 24 hours before seeking additional help.

If you're experiencing low match rate, learn more about how to troubleshoot

Check your implementation

First, make sure that you have followed all of the instructions in the Google Developers Get Started guide (Android, iOS, Unity).

Test your implementation

To ensure that your implementation code is working correctly, use test ads. Test ad units always return ads to your app so you know that your implementation code is working properly. Learn more

Use sample apps

Sample apps show how to use the Google Mobile Ads SDK to place ads into apps. You can find these open source apps at the Google Ads GitHub repository for Android and iOS

Understand error codes

Understanding error codes can help troubleshoot why you aren’t seeing ads in your app. When an ad unit in an app sends an ad request to Google’s servers, the server either responds with an ad or with an error code to indicate the issue. 

Learn more about the most common error codes for Android and iOS

Also, review the AdMob community post on error codes for more troubleshooting tips. 

Check your mediation implementation

Make sure that you’ve followed the instructions in the Google Developers mediation guide (Android, iOS, Unity).

Note that each ad network has their own integration instructions available on Google Developers (Android, iOS, Unity). Mediated ad networks won’t be able to fill incoming ad requests if they aren’t set up properly within AdMob mediation groups and implemented correctly within your app’s code. 

After you’ve implemented mediation, verify that you’ve set it up correctly with the Mediation Test Suite. This allows you to test whether you’ve correctly configured your application and ad units to display ads from third-party networks via AdMob mediation. 

Step-by-step guides for using the Mediation Test Suite are available for Android, iOS, and Unity

Resolve all policy violations

Ad serving can be disabled if your app isn’t compliant with our program policies. If you have a policy violation, you’ll be notified in the home dashboard of your AdMob account and via email. Check the Policy center in your AdMob account for any unresolved violations and how to fix them. 

Once you’ve fixed the violation, you must upload the new version of your app to Google Play and/or the App Store and request a review of your app.  

Note: You must request a review for each app with policy violation notification(s) in your Policy center.  

Consider Google’s Trust & Safety initiatives

Review the following and consider whether your app may be affected by one of Google’s Trust & Safety initiatives:

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