Convert your native express ad units to banner ad units

Native express ad units can no longer be created in AdMob. Existing native express ad units have stopped serving ads. Learn more

To ensure your ads continue to serve, convert your ​native express ad units to banner ad units before March 1, 2018.

Follow these steps to convert your native express ad units:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Find all of your native express ad units as well as any campaigns you have targeting them. You can use AdMob’s reports to assist you in finding these ad units.
  3. For each native express ad unit you want to convert, create a new banner ad unit
  4. For each new banner ad unit you create, implement banner ads in the respective app. You can follow our implementation guides (Android, iOS).
  5. For each campaign that is still running and targeting your native express ad units, make sure to edit the targeting to include the new banner ad units instead.
  6. Once you’ve replaced the ad units in your apps, you can remove the converted native express ad units or wait until March 1, 2018 for serving to stop automatically.
We’ve updated the implementation examples in our table and recycler view developer documentation to ease the conversion process (iOS, Android). We recommend reviewing these examples if you had native express placements in a table or recycler view.
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