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Overview of AdMob dashboards

Dashboards in AdMob provide you with a day-to-day overview of the activity in your account. They include all of the most important information about your apps and campaigns, in one place, organized into cards of data. The dashboards can show you trends in app revenue and usage and give you insights into your overall success using AdMob. Reviewing your dashboards each day can help you identify which strategies are working for your apps and users and which areas may need attention. They’re a good way to measure the overall health of your account.

There are two types of dashboards in AdMob: the home dashboard and the app overview dashboard.

Note: Dashboards aren’t meant to be a replacement for reports. Instead, they’re an extra way to view information about your account. For more in-depth data, click the links on the individual cards in your dashboards to view the related reports. 

Your AdMob home dashboard

The home dashboard can be used to learn more about the overall trends and revenue for your AdMob account. To view your home dashboard, click Home in the sidebar.

Total estimated earnings
The Total estimated earnings card provides an overview of your overall earnings for ads served from all ad sources. This card provides earnings calculations for a range of time periods compared side by side:
  • Today so far
  • Yesterday
  • This month so far
  • Last month
Ads activity performance


The Ads activity performance card gives you an overview of the estimated earnings and traffic your ad units have generated. The line graph beside each metric gives you a snapshot of how the value has changed over time. 

Metrics found in this card

  • Estimated earnings: Your earnings accrued so far. This amount is an estimate that is subject to change when your earnings are verified for accuracy at the end of every month.
  • Requests: The total number of ad requests received from your apps.
  • Impressions: The total number of ads shown to users across all of your ad units and apps through waterfall and bidding mediation. Includes a period-over-period comparison.
  • Match rate: The percentage of ad requests that received a response from an ad source. It's calculated by dividing matched requests by requests:

    (Matched requests / Requests) * 100
  • eCPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions. An estimate of the revenue you receive for every thousand ad impressions. eCPM is calculated as (Total Earnings / Impressions) x 1000.
    Note: When optimization is enabled, this value is updated automatically by AdMob based on the ad network's historical eCPM data.

Example calculation

If an ad earned an estimated $180 from 45,000 ad impressions, its eCPM would equal ($180 / 45,000) * 1000, or $4.00.

Top performing ad networks

The Top performing ad networks card measures the effectiveness of your mediation setup. It can show you which ad network and ad format combinations are performing well and the average eCPM of the ads being served.

Metrics found in this card

  • Total queries: The total number of unique ad requests received by all AdMob. This number doesn't include the same request multiple times. Instead, each request is only counted once, no matter how many networks receive that request as it moves through the mediation waterfall.


    A single request made to Network A, Network B, and Network C in the mediation chain will only be counted 1 time.

  • Total impressions: The total number of ads shown to users across all of your ad units and apps through waterfall mediation and bidding. Includes a period-over-period comparison.
  • Total match rate: The percentage of ad requests that were filled with an ad. This value is calculated using Total matched requests / Total queries. Includes a period-over-period comparison.
App performance

The App performance card gives you an overview of how your apps are performing based on their estimated earnings. You can use the drop-down menu to sort the data in the card to show either your top performing apps or the apps with the largest change in revenue over time.

Sorting options found in this card

Top performers: When you select Top performers from the drop-down menu, the card shows your top-performing apps for the selected time period along with their estimated earnings. Includes a period-over-period comparison.

Top & bottom movers: When you select Top & bottom movers from the drop-down menu, the card shows your apps that saw the biggest change in estimated earnings during the selected period. Includes a period-over-period comparison.

  • Top movers are displayed in green text at the top half of the list. These are the apps that showed the largest positive growth period-over-period.
  • Bottom movers are displayed in red text at the bottom half of the list. These are the apps that showed the largest negative growth period-over-period.
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