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How does AdMob use AdSense & Google Ads?

Each AdMob account must be associated with both an AdSense account and a Google Ads account. AdMob uses each of these accounts to manage certain parts of your AdMob account:

  • AdSense: We use AdSense to pay you for the ads running in your ad units.
  • Google Ads: We use Google Ads to manage house ad campaigns created in AdMob.

If the Google Account you use to sign up for AdMob is already associated with existing AdSense and Google Ads accounts, those accounts will be used for AdMob, too.

If the Google Account you use to sign up for AdMob is missing either of these accounts, AdMob will help you create them during the sign-up process. 

  • If you create your AdSense account during the AdMob sign-up process, you will need to upgrade your AdSense account if you decide to use AdSense as a separate product later. 
  • Google Ads accounts created during the AdMob sign-up process may need more information from you if you decide to use Google Ads as a separate product. Note that you may be billed for participation in Google Ads outside of AdMob.


AdMob requires you to have both a valid AdSense account and Google Ads account. All future AdMob ad serving and payments will be linked to these accounts, so make sure you're using the AdSense and Google Ads accounts you want linked with your AdMob account. These accounts cannot be changed after your AdMob account is created.


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