About AdMob campaigns

In AdMob, ad campaigns are managed in the Campaigns tab. Most of these campaigns have a specific goal to meet. There are several different types of campaigns available:

  • Direct sales campaigns: Campaigns that you sell directly to an advertiser. Billing is handled outside of the AdMob platform. These can be traditional display advertising or app install campaigns.
  • Cross-promotion campaigns: Campaigns created for user acquisitions. They allow publishers to target their existing user base to drive user acquisitions for their new apps. These type of campaigns help you use your existing ad inventory to promote another app that you want to drive user acquisitions for.
  • Mediated house ad campaigns: A type of cross-promotion campaign that doesn't have any goal that needs to be met. They compete with other mediated networks and Google demand. These campaigns are free for publishers, but they compete based on CPM.
You must set accurate campaign goals to ensure your campaigns are fully optimized. Learn more
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