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Link your apps to Firebase

About Firebase and AdMob

Firebase is a development platform for mobile and web apps. With Firebase, you can quickly build high-quality apps, grow an engaged user base, and earn more money. The platform includes several tightly integrated features that you can mix and match, including analytics, a mobile-first backend, and app growth and monetization tools to help maximize app success.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the many products available through the Firebase platform. It's a free-of-charge, unlimited mobile and web app analytics solution that's available to AdMob users. When you link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase, Google Analytics and AdMob can share data to improve app monetization and user engagement as well as offer enhanced reporting capabilities.

To learn more about Google Analytics, check out the Firebase documentation or watch a short introductory video about Analytics:

Introducing Firebase

How Firebase and Google Analytics work with AdMob

You can link your app to Firebase and integrate the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK to unlock user metrics data for your app. This data populates the user metrics card on the App Overview pages and enables you to use the User Activity report and the Cohort report. 

Once you link your app to Firebase and integrate the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK, AdMob will begin reporting on sessions per user, session duration, ad exposure per session, daily active users (DAU), and more.

Benefits of linking to Firebase and using the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK

When you link your app to Firebase and integrate the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK, you’ll get access to the following benefits:

Can use other Firebase products (Requires additional SDKs, like Remote Config and A/B Testing)

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