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About Google Analytics for Firebase and AdMob

Note: If you’ve enabled user metrics, you won’t be able to link your app to Firebase yet. However, enabling user metrics provides the same data in your AdMob account that linking to Firebase provides. An option to link to Firebase while using user metrics is coming soon. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to use the Firebase tool suite, you can still install the Firebase SDK and use the Firebase console. Note that if you’ve enabled user metrics and installed the Firebase SDK, no data will appear in the user metrics card.  

Firebase is a mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps, grow an engaged user base, and earn more money. The platform includes several tightly integrated features that you can mix and match, including a mobile backend, analytics, and app growth and monetization tools to help maximize app success.

What is Google Analytics for Firebase?

Google Analytics for Firebase is one of the many features included in Firebase. It's a free, unlimited mobile analytics solution, now available to AdMob users. Link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase and we’ll share your data from the free Google Analytics for Firebase tool with AdMob to improve app monetization and user engagement. This may also allow AdMob data to be shared with Firebase for enhanced reporting purposes.

Why link to Firebase?

Link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase to take advantage of its robust analytics toolset, including user behavior analysis to help you make smarter decisions about monetization. To learn more about Google Analytics for Firebase, you can check out the Firebase help center or watch a short introductory video about Google Analytics for Firebase:

Introducing Firebase

Linking your app(s) to Firebase enables Google Analytics for Firebase and AdMob to work together more closely. By choosing to link your app to Firebase, you allow more of your Analytics data to be used by AdMob independent of your Google Analytics for Firebase Data Sharing Settings.

Implement Google Analytics for Firebase in your AdMob apps

Complete the following steps to implement Google Analytics for Firebase in your apps.

  1. Link your AdMob apps to Firebase.
  2. Integrate the Firebase SDK into your apps by following the steps in the Google Developers Firebase integration guide (Android, iOS).

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