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Native ads field descriptions

We currently support unified native ads, which is one standard (system-defined) native ad type for native ads. Unified native ads can consist of the fields below. Your mobile app will use the elements provided by these ad types to render a native ad.

"May truncate after" means that publishers cannot truncate the text limit to be less than the stated value. For example, a "May truncate after" value of 25 for headlines indicates that the publisher can’t set a limit of less than 25 characters for headlines, but they can set a higher limit if desired.

If you truncate the text to the stated value in this column (such as 25 for headlines), you can add '...' or another text treatment to indicate when a value has been truncated.

Unified Native ads display fields 

Field Description Always included? Required to be displayed? May truncate after
Headline Primary headline text (e.g., app title or article title). Yes Required 25 characters
Image Large, primary image. Yes Recommended N/A
Body Secondary body text (e.g., app description or article description). Yes Recommended 90 characters
Icon Small icon image (e.g., app store image or advertiser logo). No Recommended N/A
Call to action Button or text field that encourages user to take action (e.g., Install or Visit Site). Yes Recommended 15 characters
Star rating Rating from 0-5 that represents the average rating of the app in a store. No Recommended N/A
Store The app store where the user downloads the app. No Recommended 15 characters
Price Cost of the app. No Recommended 15 characters
Advertiser Text that identifies the advertiser (e.g., advertiser or brand name, visible URL, etc.). No Recommended 25 characters

Download assets

You can download the following to use in your native ad designs:

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