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About conversion measurement (Beta)

Note: This feature is currently in beta release to a limited group of publishers.

If you use AdMob’s cost per install (CPI) campaigns to promote mobile apps, you can use conversion measurement to help you learn how effectively your ads lead to app installs. This can help you invest more wisely in the best campaigns and ads, and may, boost your return on investment (ROI). 

Conversion measurement also helps AdMob more effectively optimize your campaigns.

What is conversion measurement?

Conversion measurement helps you understand what happens after an app user interacts with your campaign ads. When a user completes an action that you’ve defined as valuable (such as installing your app), these user actions are called conversions. 

You can import app install data to your AdMob account. This helps you monitor your CPI campaigns and helps AdMob optimize your campaign more effectively. 

Learn how to set up conversion measurement in your AdMob account. 

Measure app install conversions 

You can create an app install conversion event in AdMob. The Conversions table displays a list of the app install conversions you’ve created in AdMob and Google Ads. You can use the table to learn more about which campaigns and ads bring you business.

The Conversion table include the following information: 

  • Status: The status of your conversion events, whether the conversion event is active or inactive.
  • Conversion action: The name that your conversion event will have as an AdMob conversion action.
  • Conversion source: Identifies where the conversion event occurred, such as a mobile app downloaded from Google Play. 
  • Action optimization: Indicates how the conversion action is used in campaigns:
    • Primary conversion actions are used to optimize campaigns and are included in your reports. You can have one primary conversion action per app.
    • Secondary conversion actions are used for reporting only.
  • All conversions: Total number of conversions AdMob measures for each conversion action.

Conversion measurement capabilities and limits

For Android and iOS support

If you run a campaign to promote Android or iOS mobile apps, you can set up conversion measurement to learn how effectively your ads lead to installs. Conversion measurement supports both Android (via Google Play, Google Analytics 4 properties, and third-party app analytics) and iOS (via Google Analytics 4 properties and third-party app analytics).

CPI campaigns promoting Android apps can use Android conversion events for measurement. Learn how to set up conversion events using Google Analytics. iOS app installs can be measured for mediated ads campaigns promoting your iOS app.

For non-app install conversions

Currently, only app install events from Google Analytics 4 properties can be set up in AdMob. To measure other conversion types such as in-app events (purchases, level completions, etc.) or web conversions, you'll need to use and manage those types directly in Google Ads.

Understand conversion event status

The status of your conversion events determines whether the event is active or inactive. To remove a conversion event, you’ll have to change the status. 

Status What it means 
This conversion event is active and can be used to measure conversions for a campaign. To remove a conversion event, change the status.
The conversion event is not active and is not measuring conversions for any campaign. Change the status to start measuring the conversion event again.

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