About mediated house ad campaigns

House ad campaigns are cross-promotion campaigns that serve ads to an app using a developer's own inventory for free. Example: An app that shows ads for the developer's other apps, encouraging users to try them out.

Mediated house ad campaigns are house ad campaigns that run in the AdMob campaigns framework. They compete in the mediation chain alongside ads from the other networks in your mediation setup. These campaigns are free and don't require an end date. They may run indefinitely and are allowed unlimited impressions.

  • Rate (CPM): The rate (CPM) you set during campaign creation is used to place the campaign in competition against other CPM-based ad sources, including the AdMob Network, campaigns that use eCPM floors, and third-party ad networks. The CPM value determines where in the mediation stack the campaign will serve ads.

    Note: Though the rate is shown as a monetary CPM value, mediated house ads are always free.

  • End date: Mediated house ad campaigns aren't required to have a set end date, though you may set one if desired.
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