Manage campaigns

To ensure your campaigns will serve ads, make sure your billing information is up-to-date in the AdWords account associated with your AdMob account.

Once a goal based campaign is created, the ad server will make the best effort to deliver on that goal. Impression and click goal campaigns will be prioritized by their CPM. It is important to keep an eye on the Lifetime progress column to make sure that the campaign is delivering on track. 

Campaign status

The Status column on the Campaigns tab of each app tells you whether your campaigns are active or not, and whether your campaign is limited by budget. When you check your account alerts and top-level statistics, review the Status column to see if your campaigns are running as you'd expect, or address any issues that may be holding up your campaign.

Where to find a campaign's status

Complete the following steps to check the status of your campaigns:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Campaigns.
  3. Scroll down and click the Campaigns tab.
  4. Review the Status column.

Understand a campaign's status

The table below shows the different types of campaign statuses and what they mean.

Status What it means
Enabled Active and eligible to show ads.
Paused Inactive because you paused it. Pausing a campaign means that your ads don't show or accumulate new costs until resumed.
Removed Inactive because you removed it. Removing a campaign means that ads don't show or accumulate new costs until re-enabled.
Not started Inactive but scheduled to begin at a future date.
Ended Inactive because the campaign's end date has passed.
Expired because the campaign's been inactive for more than 18 months. Expired campaigns can only be removed.
Problem This icon can mean one of the following:
  • Inactive and there is a problem with the campaign that needs to be fixed.
  • Active but the campaign is behind schedule.
Click the heading of the Status column to sort your campaigns by status.

Campaign progress

You can follow the progress of your campaigns by clicking the Campaigns tab and scrolling down to the table below the graph. The Lifetime progress column shows the progress of your campaign toward its goal (percentage of traffic, clicks, or impressions). The progress is updated hourly.

Additionally, the numbers found on each lifetime progress bar can give more insight into each campaign's progress. The following table contains several examples.

Lifetime progress bar What it means

Active, and the campaign is progressing toward the goal on schedule.

Active, but the campaign is behind schedule and might not reach the goal.

Inactive because the campaign has been paused or ended.

Active with time remaining and the campaign has exceeded the specified goal.

Inactive and the campaign has exceeded the specified goal.
(no bar) Shown for percentage of traffic campaigns that have made no progress. This could be due to several factors, including missing targeting settings or ad creative, low traffic, or other competing campaigns.

  Green: Campaign is on track to reach its goal or has already reached it.
  Red: Campaign is falling behind schedule and may not reach its goal.
  Gray: Campaign has ended.


Campaign management FAQ

Why does campaign progress fall behind?

  • Other campaigns may be prioritized higher and may be taking away impressions.
  • There may not be enough impressions available to meet the campaign's goal.
  • Weekday traffic tends to lag behind weekend traffic.

What can I do if a campaign's progress is falling behind?

  • Look at historical trends for the app's traffic to identify patterns. For example, apps that are popular on the weekends may see a surge in traffic that can make up for falling behind during the week.
  • Make sure the campaign can serve ads. A campaign will not serve ads, for example, if there aren’t any ads available that are suitable for the platform. For example, if you've targeted Android, but you've only uploaded ads that can serve on iOS.

If you’re confident that the campaign will not complete the goal, you may need to take action:

  • Talk to the advertiser and see if you can broaden the targeting or extend the end date.
  • Look at other campaigns that might compete for impressions to see if the CPM or CPC rate is accurate. If it isn’t, fix the rate for those campaigns.
  • If the campaign is critical, you might try increasing the CPM or CPC rate to reflect the make good value along with the actual rate of the campaign.

When do my campaigns serve ads?

When an ad unit requests an ad, AdMob reviews your campaigns for a potential match based on campaign goals and impression forecasts. If an ad isn’t served from one of your campaigns, the ad request moves on to the networks in your mediation stack.

AdMob uses the campaign goals and CPM you set when you create a new campaign to optimize your campaigns for maximum revenue and improve the number of high-quality clicks and impressions your ads receive. You should set accurate campaign goals to ensure your campaigns are fully optimized.


To ensure your campaigns will serve ads, make sure your billing information is up-to-date in the AdWords account associated with your AdMob account.


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