Google Play policy violation: Disabled app(s) or account

In order to use AdMob, publishers must comply with Google Play Policies. The Google Play Policy team reserves the right to disable your apps if they’re found to violate Google Play policies. If your apps are found to be in violation of Google Play policies and the violating apps have been removed from the Google Play store, ad serving on AdMob will also be disabled.

Appeal process

For details on the violation(s), please review the email notification that the Google Play policy team sent you. If you missed this email, try searching the inbox of the email address associated with your Google Play/AdMob accounts for emails from googleplay-developer-support@google.com. Check your email account's spam filter to make sure the email wasn't mistakenly flagged as spam.

Once you’ve fixed the violation, you must initiate the appeals process via the specified contact form; email replies back to the original notification are not reviewed. If your app was removed by the Google Play policy team, please submit a Google Play policy appeal.

If the Google Play policy team reinstates your app(s), the policy violation for Google Play policy will be removed. If the app doesn’t have other violations, ad serving will be re-enabled.




Contact form(s)

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