Understanding Google Play developer account terminations

Why do accounts get terminated?

By publishing to Google Play, you agree to adhere to the Google Play Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement. Google is not required to send you a warning prior to suspension or termination. 

Application suspensions count as strikes against the good standing of your Play Console account, and multiple removals or warnings may result in an application suspension. Multiple suspensions or suspensions for egregious policy violations may also result in the termination of your Play Console account.

After your account has been terminated

When your developer account is terminated, all apps in your catalog will be removed from Google Play and the users, statistics, and ratings associated with those apps will be forfeited. Additionally, you will no longer be able to publish new apps. Please do not attempt to register for a new Play Console account.

If your account was terminated for violating the developer terms, we can no longer accept apps from you. This means that any related accounts are also permanently suspended, and any new accounts that you try to open will be terminated without a refund of the developer registration fee.


We will only reinstate your Play Console account if an error was made and a re-review finds that your account is in good standing because your apps do not violate our developer terms.

File an appeal

Although we may send termination emails in your preferred language, please note that we can only respond to appeals in English at this time.
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