Change the way you view reports

Sometimes looking at data in a different way can reveal trends and patterns. There are several ways to change the way you view your AdMob performance reports.

View by performance

Performance reports use graphs to show how metrics are performing over time.

To view multiple metrics together, select them in the scorecard above the graph. The colored line under each selected metric matches its color in the graph. At least one metric must always be selected.

View by date

You can generate performance reports for any date range for which data exists. The date range selector at the top of your report pages allows you to select a predefined or custom date range.

To open the date range selector, click the current date range.

Predefined date ranges

To use a predefined date range, select one from the list.

  • Today: Data available for the current calendar date up until the time of your selection
  • Yesterday: Data for the previous calendar date.
  • Last 7 days: Data for the previous 7 days.
  • Last 30 days: Data for the previous 30 days.
  • This month: Data for the first day of the current calendar month up until the time of your selection.
  • Last Month: Data for the first to last day of the previous calendar month.
  • All time: Data since your first impression.
Custom date ranges

You can set your own custom date range using the calendar at the bottom of the list. In the calendar, click the desired start and end date, then click Apply. The selected days are highlighted. You can also manually enter start and end dates in the Date Range fields.

View by location

To understand where in the world your users are located, click Geo - Map below the date picker. You will be able to see which regions are contributing to the selected metric.

To view data for a different metric, select it in the scorecard above the graph.

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