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Manage user access to your account

Invite users to access your AdMob account so they can view insights, view reports, and manage ads. #userroles #manager

If you have administrator access, you can share your AdMob account with other people, such as business partners, employees, friends and family. Users with access to your account can view, edit, and manage any part of an account. You can also remove or change a user’s access at any time.

You can view and manage access in the Users page of your account. To view your users page, click Settings in the sidebar of your AdMob account, then click the Users tab. 

User roles

There are two user roles you can assign in AdMob. Each user role has different levels of access. The following table details the permissions associated with each level of access. 

  Manager Administrator
View, edit, and manage most parts of an account Supported Supported
Cancel an account Not supported Supported
Give account access or change another user's access level Not supported Supported
Accept, reject, or cancel MCM relationships Not supported Supported
Accept new AdMob terms and conditions Not supported Supported
See the list of users who have access to an account Not supported Supported
Note: If you also use the AdSense account that’s associated with this AdMob account, the same level of access to AdSense will be granted to the user you’re adding to AdMob. For example, if you add a user to your AdMob account as an administrator, they will also be an administrator in AdSense. 
Also note that the manager role is the same as standard user access in AdSense.
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