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Use ready-made reports for partner bidding ad units (Beta)

Note: This feature is currently in beta release. 

Ready-made reports are preset with the most frequently used metrics and dimensions for a report type. These reports help you view the most important information in one click, with no customization required. 

You can use a ready-made report to view the overall performance on all your partner bidding ad units, which are used on third-party mediation platforms only.

Note: The partner bidding ready-made report is only available if you have at least one partner bidding ad unit in your AdMob account. 

To view your partner bidding ready-made report:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Reports in the sidebar.
  3. Click Partner Bidding in the ready-made reports section. 

You can also see a day-to-day summary of your partner bidding ad unit performance in the app overview dashboard.

Understanding metrics in your partner bidding report

There are several metrics that are included in your partner bidding ready-made report. The metrics included in your partner bidding report help you analyze how your ad unit is performing on your third-party mediation platform. 

The image below details how each of the metrics work together to give you an overall picture of your ad unit’s performance.Example of the partner bidding funnel in Ad Mob, which includes match rate, show rate, requests, bid requests, winning bids, matched requests and impressions.

About matched requests for partner bidding 

When using the partner bidding ready-made report, the definition of matched requests is the number of times Google wins the Google bidding auction, your third-party bidding auction, and third-party waterfall (if applicable), and returns an ad to the app. 

Because matched requests are calculated differently for partner bidding ad units, you may notice a drop in match rate and an increase in show rate on your reports. This does not affect your ad revenue. 

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